The Pain of Lyme is Real

As I write this, I realize that many of you do not know that I have chronic neuropathic Lyme disease. Today I just made the 4 hour round trip to my pain clinic. As is still common in many areas, none of the local doctors believe that I have chronic Lyme disease. Many do not even believe it exists. But that is another story (stay tuned for my article entitled “My Journey with Chronic Lyme Disease”).

What prompted me to write this is the fact that the pain associated with Lyme disease is like no other. People, including my dear Lyme doctor, have no idea how much pain we are in. With chronic Lyme disease, the disease itself alters our perception of pain and therefore intensifies our experience of it. Then there is the pain that is actually caused by the disease. So if any of you have been in so much pain that you thought that you would lose your mind, please know that you are not alone. I spend so many nights wondering if I will survive the pain, but the new day arrives and I have survived another night.

I am still sane (mostly LOL), alive, and one day closer to getting well. If any one reading this blog has Lyme, I truly believe that you can get well. In spite of what some doctors have told me, I will get completely well. I will hike again. I will live a life where this pain is just a memory.

Many thanks and gratitude to the doctors and staff of the Southeast Pain Clinic who keep me going. They are the best. (Special love and blessings to my nurse, Shannon. God bless you in your journey on furthering your education. The world needs people like you in the healing profession.)

Here for you,