Spring - Thoughts on Bringing Forth a New You!

Kevin and I have the most fascinating friend. One of her many talents is that of being a master gardener. Her oneness with mother earth makes her a joy to be around. She specializes in native plants and what she calls pass along plants—plants that cannot be gotten from seeds but are, just like folk tales, passed on from person to person.

This past weekend, we went to visit her and her stunning garden. She gave us a tour of her garden, filled with all native plants. She spoke with such reverence and awe that it was a balm for both of us. When we asked her how to prune our holly bush she told us to look for branches that were crossing over each other, causing damage to the bark of the lower branch. She advised us to prune away the branch that was causing the damaging friction in the first place.

How symbolic is that for us in our personal lives. How much of our day is spent in friction with life or people in our lives? How much of our day is spent in friction with events that need to be forgotten, unrealistic goals, or with our eyes on what fearful thing is happening in the news, etc. How much of our day is spent in friction with thoughts that no longer serve us or hurts that happened long ago?

During this wonderful spring time of year, perhaps it is time to prune away some of the areas in our lives where there is friction to allow for the new life that is exploding from mother earth and that is also waiting to explode within us. All we have to do is say yes to that little voice inside us that sometimes whispers, and sometimes yells, “No, not that, but this”.

My hope is for all of us to listen to that little voice that is guiding us to our greatest potential—an abundant happy life and all that we could ever want for ourselves.

With much love,