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Sierra Lamanna
All my life there was this drive, this calling, that would never be satisfied. As a child it manifested as extreme hyperactivity, anger and BOREDOM. Just as strong was my sense of the Divine. I was never a problem in school or to my parents (aside from being high maintenance) because I was also very sweet. By the age of nine my leadership skills were noticed and I was given an active role in our church. By 8th grade I was passing out religious brochures on the beach and within a couple of years joined a gospel group which sang in malls, prisons, as well as in churches. I continued in that group up until the time I married at the age of 21. In high school it became clear that I was the person who everyone turned to with their problems. Many evenings were spent counseling my fellow school mates. I became a LPN right after high school. This was another way to further my service to humanity. By the age of 19, I vowed that anyone's life that I touched would know love.

I will fast forward through my 20's and 30's, years spent in various pursuits, until in 1988 I met a woman who did Therapeutic Touch. I experienced it and spent the next 5 years trying to find someone to teach me. Always intuitive as a child, I formally began to learn to use those skills in 1993 by taking most energy courses available. While doing a "body scan" on someone in 1995, I discovered quite by accident that I could "feel/know" the emotions that were stored in each chakra. I continued to learn and pay attention.

In 1999 my husband and I re-organized Center for Natural Healing where we still work together. For the past 10 years we have done extensive studying in many aspects of natural healing. We continue our education in both the fields of BioEnergetic medicine and herbal healing as a way to offer our clients a better opportunity to heal on all levels. My nursing skills, along with my knowledge of natural healing fit perfectly in place with my intuitive skills. I currently work via phone with clients all over the country as a BioEnergetic/Spiritual intuitive to help them achieve their health care goals.

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