How I Work

As I briefly mentioned, in 2003-2004 my husband and I began studying bio-energetic medicine and completed the Energetix International College of BioEnergetic Medicine. This brought in a fascination with quantum physics that beautifully explains why I can do what I can do.

Ribbed mushroom
Here is how it works for me. I begin by focusing my attention at the top of a person's head. If they are with me in person I do so using my hands and my knowing to "see" the energy. If the client is on the phone, I simply "tap into" their energy and work in the same way. I will then check for energetic disturbances. I check the right and left sides of the brain, spine, organs, emotions and anything else that I see being held in the person's energy field. Since we know from physics that energy always seeks to form matter, the energetic disturbances may or may not be in physical form. I believe it is important that they be addressed before they do manifest. After making an energetic assessment I will then introduce supplements into their energy field (the client will hold the supplements in their hands if I am working in person, otherwise I do it intuitively) to see if these supplements are synergistic with their energy field. When a supplement is “good” for a client, it feels like a light has been turned on in their energy field. When a supplement is neutral for a client (they don't really need it, but it won't "hurt" them), I won't feel anything. If the supplement is of of no energetic benefit to the client, it feels very heavy to me. Once I have determined all the supplements that are beneficial to that client at that time, I must make sure that each supplement works well with each other. I determine this by having the client hold all the supplements they "tested for" at once to make sure that the whole combination is beneficial for the client (if I am working on the phone, I do all this energetically). I will then make any adjustments necessary either adding supplements or taking away supplements. An interesting side note: Wikipedia defines synergy as a term used to describe a situation where the final outcome of a system is greater than the sum of its parts.The opposite of synergy is antagonism, the phenomenon where two agents in combination have an overall effect that is less than that predicted from their individual effects.

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With the many changes happening in the world today including the changes in the field of science, it would make sense that our methods of approaching health will also change. Where biochemistry takes a snapshot of that exact moment in time, bio-energetic medicine, based on quantum physics, is the medicine of possibility. With the ability to look into one's energy field and perceive imbalances there, we are far ahead of the game. We are observing energetic disturbances before they take physical form. I believe in whole body healing. We know that emotions hold physical imbalances in place and we also know that a physical imbalance can certainly be a distraction in our awareness of the Divine. It is this belief that has moved me from working on a purely energetic level to working on all levels - emotional, physical and spiritual. The work at each of these levels is entirely client directed. It is never about my desires or goals for my clients but rather about theirs.

It would be my honor to be a part of your health care program at any level you wish to work on. So give me a call! I look forward to meeting you!

Many Blessings!