Links I Would Like To Share

Since being as sick as I have been, life and what really matters while we go through our day to day business of living it, has taken on a whole new and deeper meaning. For me, living with such pain has taught me that the only way out of any personal struggles or challenges, is to love and appreciate what we do have. Love is truly well all there is.

Therefore I want to dedicate this page of links to people whose work, life, or products have changed my life,to my best friends Theresa Reuter. I could write pages of how she has been there for me always. Through every aspect of this illness, she has never, ever left me to feel unsupported. I love her more than words could express, and I truly wonder how I would have been able to have the emotional strength to face each day without her. For those who are married, and those who may also know my very sweet husband, sometimes there is a bond between women (another subject the divine feminine) that is the glue that holds us women together. This is very different from the bond of marriage.

Theresa Reuter is an amazing artist (yes, I proudly have a beautiful large painting of hers in my living room, as well as other paintings of hers throughout my house). She has a way to walk right into your heart with her grounded loving presence. Theresa has touched so many people's lives with her loving Spirit, and you can have an aspect of this beautiful woman in her art. She also does commissions. Enjoy!
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Joy Roser of Joy On Your Shoulders

I have known Joy for probably just under a year. The moment I met her, her peaceful and radiant spirit touched my heart. Her beautiful wares are a sacred combination of the power of single words with the beauty of a wide variety of amazing colors.Her bookmarks, stoles,and bags are a wonderful way to add Art and sacredness to any and even every room in your home or office. In our home we have a variety of her beautiful stoles hanging on our walls, with a bookmark or two in every room. These serve as a constant reminder of the positive goals we have for each day. Our eyes take in much more information than our minds are aware of. Therefore, having beautiful bookmarks with words such as Grace, Serenity, Peace, Gratitude, we are not only raising our own cellular vibration, but that of our home or office as well. The central way for me to express the sacred, love, gratitude, hope, peace and serenity to my clients. Joy is also a Spiritual Counselor and a Spiritual/Joyful Mentor, and will be coming out with a book in 2015.
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Kate of Kate's Magik

For those of you who were former clients of mine, I always used the line Cosmic Essences to move along negative thought patterns, or life events, that were holding certain physical imbalances in place. Then the owner died. I was left without a line to use for this aspect of my clients healing. Now for probably 10 years, I had personally used Kate's anointing oils. I ran out and ordered from her website. With that order came her new brochure that now had instructions as to where to best apply her oils. At the time I was just beginning my herbal treatment for my Lyme disease. Ever night I would have "scream out loud" nightmares. Poor Kevin, a lot of the time I wouldn't wake up, but would move from one nightmare into another. So out of desperation I studied Kate's brochure looking for a solution. I immediately found it in the form of the anointing oil Peace and Purification. After using it as instructed, my nightmares stopped in 2 nights. So the thing I as asking for was right under many eyes. Isn't that often the way it is? We now carry her complete line. Amazing is the only word that would come close to her products and the positive and transformative effects they have on ones life. With every Kate order of $100 or more, our customers will receive a free bag from Joy On Your Shoulders. Call me if you would want assistance in choosing the oils that best match you goals.
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Center for Natural Healing

I would like to express a special thank you to my wonderful husband Kevin Richard. He has taken care of me through this illness, and has to suffer in ways that only a person that loves someone and can't make the suffering stop, can truly even begin to understand. Kevin came to the field of natural healing in 1995. He formed a business called International Herb and ran a place called Ganesh house. This was a residential treatment facility that focused on natural therapies and fasting. Kevin was, at that time, a business partner, client and student of a naturopath who used Ayurvedic therapies and cooking. We joined our businesses (at the time I was working as a massage therapist and energy worker) to form Center for Natural Healing in January of 1999.
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Holistic Healing Pathways

I remember the day I met Laura Moretton on the phone. She was asking about some specific herbs for one of her family members. An amazing mother of three boys, we have watched her raise her children, and then become interested in natural healing in the process. Soon we were fast friends. Within several years she was attending herbal conferences with us. Laura went on to become a Naturopathic doctor with a variety of specialties including cranial sacral therapy. She has a full practice but is accepting new clients.

Laura passionately inspires, encourages and educates people on how to restore balance and vitality in their journey towards wellness. She has embraced natural healing her entire life; focusing on a natural and holistic approach. Laura believes a preventative approach and customer education are both equally valuable in healing arts. Laura received her advanced degree education as a noninvasive bioenergetic healthcare practitioner from Trinity College and The Energetix International College of BioEnergetic Medicine in Florida, Georgia and Canada.

Laura attends numerous continuing educational courses including Physica Energetic International-Germany, CNHP Chicago, Medicine from Earth-North Carolina, Upledger Institute-Florida and Gaia Herb Farm & Laboratory North Carolina.
To speak with Laura, call 219-916-4737

Ernie's Rock Shop

By now I am sure that you are seeing a trend. The people mentioned on this page made an impression on me from the first time I met them. I get my passion for rocks from my father who was a rock hound. I often give rocks as gifts. Linda continues to run Ernie’s Rock shop after her father, the man who originally established it, passed away. As is the case with all of the above people, I remember the first time I met Linda as clearly as it was yesterday. But that was in 2002. Ernie's Rock Shop is no "regular" rock shop. As Linda describes it, it is natures art gallery. The most beautiful pieces of rock and objects made out of rock can be found at Ernie's. Linda also custom makes jewelry out of all sorts stone. If you have favorite, I am sure that she has a nice selection using that stone. She is a gentle perfectionist, and everything she makes is magnificent.
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All Nations Trading

All the businesses on this site have touched me because of the uniqueness of the products sold and the wonderful personality of the Owners. Jim and Anita Earnest have been in business for over 18 years. While I don't know Jim as well as Anita, they both are knowledgeable and friendly. Anita is an amazing example of peacefulness, and has a connection to earth that presents itself in surprising ways. Some examples are evident in the photos she posts. Birds in her hand, animal shots taken so close that most people would be frightened, are 2 examples. It seems that nature just gravitates towards her. Their store sells many one of a kind pieces. Kevin and I had a pleasant surprise during the past year. We had seen, (and I of course drooled over) a hand made Navajo neck piece. We were going through some old postage stamps and on a 2¢ stamp was a piece almost identical. A journey through All Nations Trading is always an exciting adventure. A great place to purchase gifts, or to start collections.
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Many Blessings!