Brave Face

Have you ever noticed that many people always put on a brave face? I know I certainly do. We almost feel more important if we are really busy and stressed. It has become some sort of status symbol, even though none of us like the way it makes us feel. So many of us continue the stressed life with a smile on our faces. I have spoken in other articles about the family nucleus being a thing of the past. And yes, we have built new family nucleus's through today’s technologies. We can now make friends all over the world through the internet. I think that is so wonderful. But from where I stand, and from the products that we sell the most of, I would say there are a lot of people out their who need more. How many times do my clients say, " I feel so alone". Maybe it's that brave face we all put on for everyone. I am not all suggesting that we sit around and feel sorry for ourselves and grow our negative thoughts . Of course not! What I am suggesting is that we cultivate that secure feeling of family that once was such a core part of our society.

Let's think about how times were when families all lived on the same land or at least in the same neighborhood or close by.When families were close, they went through everything together. Like it or not, if one was down, everyone was involved to some degree. Now families are often spread out all over the country. We can keep secrets much better now. But there are times in each of our lives that we need someone we can trust to tell us that everything is all right. Everyone has those times. So if life is tough right now, to whatever degree it may be, soothe yourself into a better place and allow another to be a positive part of that. Honor someone by asking them to help you. It's one of the greatest gifts you will ever give them. By helping you, you both feel better. You feel better by getting comforted and they feel better by being needed. And I guarantee that the things they tell you are the exact same things that they need to hear themselves. You are giving them a gift!

Now more than ever, we need each other. Change is happening so fast, so many people are so overwhelmed by the circumstances of their lives. So many self-help books written, bought, read and still the pain continues. Yes, we grow, absolutely! We grow more into who we want to become each day. But maybe, just maybe, it would be easier if we let our selves be vulnerable enough to ask someone for help. You will never become all those things that you are afraid of becoming by simply accepting yourself as you are right in the moment. By being validated and soothed, you won't have to "let it go" as so many books and people tell us to do. It will go all on its own. Simply because you were soothed enough to let it go. It is really that easy once you get what you need. We sometimes expect, usually of ourselves more than others, to be able to snap out of it.This is often not possible. There is a reason for each of the situation that we are in. Our body/mind/spirit may need to complete something in order for us to move forward. Perhaps old beliefs/life patterns etc need to come to our attention in order to be dropped. I am not talking about those little bad days that can simply be changed by a change in perspective. Every situation is improved by a change in perspective. But for those sticky, life pattern type of things your body/mind maybe trying to complete something and it isn't getting what it needs in order to do that. For example, a person may develop a debilitating disease simply because they were never (or never felt they were, same thing really) paid enough attention to. Are they being a spoiled brat? Absolutely not. Do they need the attention? 100% yes .

So the next time you see someone who is in pain, don't amplify their pain back to them. Don’t jump into the muck with them. That’s called a pity party. Validate, honor, and love them right into another perspective. It may take many tries. It may take time. It may take some loving firmness to get them out of the space that they keep resisting and being so hard on themselves for.

You are surrounded with all the good things you need. If you have tried to realize that and can't quite get it, ask for help. You will get their. I promise. You can never be too good to yourself. And when the time comes that things get a little bigger than your tools can manage do someone else a favor and ask for help. If you don't feel like you can call anyone you know, than call me. I will understand more than you think. It is a guarantee that we will be stronger by being united and vulnerable (wisely).

At your service,

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