Cellular Health

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I thought that I would talk about something that many of you may not think about – cellular health. Have you ever wondered why people who seem to be eating right, exercising, and doing "all the right things", still end up with some sort of a disorder? Well, that old saying "you are what you eat" should be changed to "you are what your cells can absorb".

Our cells are like mini engines. They need fuel to burn, and they produce waste that needs to be eliminated. There is fluid on both the inside and the outside of each cell. And just as we are affected by our environment, so are our cells. Just as our rivers and streams get polluted so do these fluids. Once polluted by environmental toxins such as pesticides, stress hormones, unhealthy fat, etc., the fluid outside our cells gets congested and the cell has difficulty receiving nutrients and expelling waste. Over time this unhealthy cell pattern (along with some other things that we will discuss at a later time) can lead to many of the metabolic disorders that we see today - disorders like Syndrome X, for example.

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What can we do to make sure that our cellular fluid is healthy? Well, the first area to look at is hydration. Simply drinking more water can help. However, most people don't really absorb water as much as they should. One reason is that people often drink large amounts of water at one time thinking they are "getting their water in for the day". Water is best sipped throughout the day. Another reason is that stress is one of the key factors which influences how our bodies use water. The more stress we experience, the less water we absorb. In the CNH January Newsletter I mentioned a product that we carry called ReHydration. This product helps the body use water properly. It has homeopathic dilutions of both adrenal and hypothalamus - two organs vital in maintaining healthy fluid levels.

With the cellular fluid levels more balanced as a result of hydration, the cells can live and breath a little better. But what about the communication between the cells? This requires the right minerals, trace ones included, and many no longer found in food. These minerals assist in providing the electrical impulses that help the cells communicate with each other.

Another important factor in cellular health involves the health of the cell walls. This is where essential fatty acids come in. By now, I believe that everyone knows the importance of EFA's. Most American diets are high in Omega-6's which, if not balanced out with Omega-3's, will cause inflammation. This, along with some of the factors mentioned above, can result in cell wall rigidity. When the cell walls are rigid, they are no longer able to bend and flex which is needed for proper cell function. Supplementing with Omega-3 oils will eventually replace the bad fats on our cells with good fat to help keep the cell walls flexible. Now we are on our way to better health.

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My point with all of these words is this. We are only as healthy as our cells. We can take all kind of herbs and supplements and eat a healthy diet, and none of this will be of full benefit if our cells are not healthy. By improving cellular health and making sure that our digestion is always tuned up, we will be able to attain a very deep level of natural health. This happens because we have started at the most basic level of overall health – the cell.

Light and Love,

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