Changing Perspective

I must admit, I'm not real crazy about paying taxes. I am not making a political statement so stick with me here... It has just started feeling like a lot of my "hard earned" (I have a great job!) money was going to the government. As I mucked around in that feeling for a couple of days, I struggled to find some peace with it all. And I got it, at least it took most of the sting away. It became all about gratitude and giving back for me. That is where I found my resting place. After all, I don't mind paying North Carolina taxes at all because I don't mind a bit if I have to pay for living in this paradise. Then I thought about the federal taxes. Instead of being resentful for the amount of money I had to send them, I became grateful (still practicing) that I had made the money that prompted the needing to pay the taxes in the first place. If I wasn't needing to pay taxes I probably would be needing to find another job to pay the bills!!

I began to think of the other bills I pay each month - my electricity - well I love that convenience that's for sure (we all know what it's like when the power goes out); and the water bill - I am more than willing to pay for that convenience also (I love my hot showers in the morning). I followed this line of thinking for all the bills I pay. And suddenly things became more balanced for me. I enjoy the conveniences that I pay for each day. The exchange is equal and I've ended up just feeling grateful for the balance of life and the flow that happens each day as we earn money, spend money, attract more money, pay more taxes...

The feeling that came next was a surprise to me. I wanted to give back! Hadn't I just come from the feeling that I had given too much and now I wanted to give more? Yet the feeling was solidly there within my consciousness. The gratitude that I began to feel in reference to my bills had spilled over into so many other areas of my life. I want to make sure that each day I give back in some way. It's a good feeling.

Christmas cactus
So with this feeling in my awareness, suddenly my outlook changed. I found myself shopping at all the small business places rather than the chains, even if I had to pay a little more. Wasn't I just worried about money (lol)? I bought my flowers from a guy who had recently started a garden shop and landscaping business. I bought my seed at the old hardware store in town that has been there forever, simply because I wanted it to remain and thrive in spite of the fact there is a new Lowes in town. I buy as many groceries I can at a small market that opened a year ago because I wanted to support them. This is how I chose to give back, by letting the small businesses know that I appreciated them and I am wanting to support them since they have alway been the backbone of our country.

It's amazing where a simple change in perspective will take you. You may want to try it.


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