I’d like to talk about detoxification. Before I begin, I want to mention that dirt, germs, and even some toxins are our friends. They can help to keep our immune system "tuned up". In excess, though, they may pose a problem for our bodies’ filtering organs and systems.

When people think of detoxifying, one thing that they may not consider is the quality and quantity of supplements they are taking. Too many supplements (especially when not synergistically matched) and/or poor quality supplements may hinder the body’s natural detoxification processes. Streamlining your supplements will provide the body with the environment in which it can detoxify on its own. Look at your list of supplements and see what quality they are. Are they food source or lab produced? Next ask yourself the question, “Why am I taking this?”. Is it because you read about it somewhere and it seems to be a miracle supplement? Was it because someone told you that they had an amazing experience with this supplement? If so, are you? If you have been taking a supplement for longer than 3 months and aren't noticing an improvement, is it really the right match for your healthcare needs? Is it worth spending the money on something that you just heard you need? Remembering that everything that you put into your mouth has both a biochemical and bioenergetic influence, helps you understand the importance of synergy between the products, your energy field, and health care goals.

So that would be step one from my perspective - streamline your supplements (unless recommended by a doctor) and make sure that the ones you keep are really high quality and truly a match to your health care goals.

But what about the detoxification? When I first begin working with a client, I assess to see whether or not their vital force is strong enough to actually detoxify. An already stressed body will not have the power wanted/needed in order to detoxify deeply. Detoxification is stressful on the body to some extent. If the vital force is not strong, building and nourishing needs to be done first. For those with a stronger vital force, there are many ways to detoxify. The most important place would obviously be the digestion (see Digestive Health article). Detoxification can also be done at a much deeper level using homeopathic remedies combined with herbs. Using this method, one can obtain a very deep level of detoxification and rebalancing in a very gentle way.

Common Sense tips:

Since Spring is the time that your body naturally detoxifies (have some of you noticed that you are a little fatigued in the spring), why not help it along. Along with the above mentioned ideas here are some simple ideas:

Dandelion flower
Eat some of those wonderful spring time greens that are specific to your area. There is such a wisdom to nature and it is best to eat those spring greens that are wild and natural to your area. Here in North Carolina we have ramps. When we lived in New England it was fiddleheads. Anywhere in the country there are dandelion greens. Check out what is growing wild in your area (edible of course). It is always a wonderful surprise to see what nature is providing for you in your own back yard.

Make an extra effort to eat organically grown, non-processed food. Asparagus and artichokes are wonderful super foods. Spring is a great time to eat salads, but don't forget to add some protein. Protein is an essential tool in your body’s ability to detoxify.


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