Homotoxicology - Principles of Healing

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Homotoxicology is a German model of medicine developed by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg. As part of our training, Kevin and I were able to study Dr. Reckeweg's model of healing and have since used his principals in our practice.

During his practice Dr. Reckeweg noticed that he was not getting the full healing results from his patients that he had hoped for. He determined that this was a result of unaddressed, unnoticed, underlying toxic causes. In fact, he concluded, the body had gotten so used to having these toxins present (whether chemical, bacterial, viral, emotional, etc), that in order to maintain homeostasis, the toxins became unrecognized or "cloaked". He determined that treating his patients based on underlying causes rather than working only with the symptoms would achieve much better results. By preparing the body, uncloaking, and then detoxing based on cause rather than symptoms, a deeper level of health was(is) obtained.

According to this theory the body goes through 6 phases in which the body either detoxifies or become more toxic and eventually dies. Phase 1 is the excretion phase. This is the phase in which the body excretes the toxin by sneezing, sweating, vomiting, etc. If the body is unsuccessful at this phase it will move to phase 2 and so on. This will continue up until phase 5 which is called the degeneration phase. At this phase the body stops functioning properly and begins to break down. Many people die in this phase but some continue to accumulate toxin and move into phase 6 which is that of neoplasm or cancer.

The good news with this theory is that once these principals are understood, all illness is addressed simply by backing the body out of the imbalance the same way the imbalance entered. A pre-cleanse is always done first in order to prepare the body for detoxification and to insure that the toxins truly leave the body rather than become re-located. Than all imbalances, no matter what they are named, are rebalanced using these same principals. And since we know that a symptom is never the cause of the imbalance, but rather an indication of the body trying to re-balance itself, we will always look at symptoms as markers leading us to the underlying cause of the imbalance.

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To summarize, in order to regain full health one needs to look beyond the symptom to the cause. Once this cause is located and moved along, the symptoms will go away on their own. It is our opinion that this is the optimum and most long lasting (often permanent) way to rebalance the body.

My personal experience: As I became peri-menopausal I began to "need" so many herbal remedies in order to feel better. At the same time I had another condition in which the only option was to do a detox. When I did the detox I noticed that all of my peri-menopausal symptoms disappeared. I breezed through menopause with only the barest of remedies (some adrenal support) needed.


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