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Because one of the most prominent Indigo traits is sensitivity, the home in which they live must be conducive to peace. If the home is cluttered or does not flow energetically, it can produce agitation. This can further intensify a wide variety of the symptoms which we are trying to ease in the lives of Indigo's . Below are some foundational tips. If you have any questions specific to your home environment, please feel free to email me. I learned much of this from a client who stayed at our home for a couple of weeks. While with us, she rearranged our home to anchor it into the Grid.

Entrance to home:
This is where our outside world is left behind and our home is honored as the sanctuary that it is. Here are some ways: Create a space in the entry way to your home, where all "outside things" are placed. This would include briefcases, shoes, backpacks, and anything else that would pertain to the world outside of your home. If you have brought work home, (which is best to avoid), doing the work in the "electronic area" will be the best place to do it. When finished, immediately return it to your entry way. This also holds true for purses, wallets, keys, etc. The habit of leaving wallets on dressers or keys on kitchen tables or counters is not the best.

Living Room:
Have the living room be warm and inviting. This means a room free of clutter; no TV, no computers, and for the very sensitive, no music. It is very important
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that there be no electronic equipment in the living room. Computers, TV and stereo equipment can be put in designated "electronic" rooms ideally away from living and bedrooms. Hanging plants can tend to pull energy down and are usually best taken down, placed on a table, with the part of the plant that would usually hang arranged around the pot. The exception to this would be a person who would intentionally use hanging plants to ground. They would need to be people who do not have a tendency towards depression. Furnishings and decorations should be reflective of the desire to create a loving, empowered family. Photo's should be grouped all on one area if possible. Your mind goes to the people in the pictures each time you see them. This, of course is not always conscious.

It is an absolute must that the bedrooms be free of clutter. Indigo's will feel the energy of everything, especially while they are in a more relaxed sleep state. The rules here get pretty strict, but it is amazing how much better an Indigo feels and sleeps when they are adhered to. So here it goes:
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No TV's or computers in the bedrooms. No digital clocks if possible. If there are digital clocks place them at floor level so the energy is not at head level during sleep. Nothing electrical near the pillow area. If at all possible no pictures or books in the room (they "talk" to the Indigo's). Also, be aware of the metaphysical objects you may have in the room. One or two sacred items are OK, but an accumulation of crystals, drums, different figurines, etc. will also be sending out energy which can be over stimulating. A bedroom consisting of a bed and dresser with very little adornment is ideal. This is a real good place for the Zen look. If possible, no pictures on the wall. Some may prefer to keep the bedroom door closed at all times to retain it's separate energy. It's nice to burn a small piece of incense in the evening to close the day and again in the morning to open the day.

This is NOT a place for everyone to dump their stuff. Mail, schoolwork, office work does not belong here. This is where the sacred ritual of nourishing ones body happens. This is also a place for sacred family time. Designing a sacred space in the kitchen will enhance the energy of the space and thereby the food. I personally have a small alter area on my kitchen counter. Since this is where we take in energy, in the form of food,it is very appropriate that this be a high spiritual energy area, while still maintaining a calm family atmosphere. The kitchen is not a good place to solve/discuss family issues, at least while eating (a good place would be the living room). Crystals, spiritual figurines, or pictures are good here. Again, tastefully arranged and not cluttered. As much as possible, store appliances in drawers or cupboards.

Fix leaky faucets and keep toilet seat down between use. If possible, close the bathroom door before bed especially in the master bathroom (since it is in the bedroom).

Electronic Room or Rooms:
Depending on how large the family is, this is where all the EMF waves stay. A separate room that contains all the electronic equipment is ideal. In large families this may require 2 rooms. One with computers for homework and research and the other for music and TV. Again ideally an Indigo home would contain no computers and no TV's although our society is such that we haven't structured our lives in this way.

General guidelines:
No Clutter!!!! If you aren't using it, pass it to someone who will. Unused items collect stagnant energy. If you have items that have meaning to you but aren't
something you use make sure you touch them. I really can't stress this enough. At least several times a year go through and touch everything in your house (as much as possible). This is very easily done with your spring and fall cleaning. Take everything out of everywhere, clean where it was and put it back. This means cabinets, closets, drawers - everything. It is important that the energy in your home be occasionally "updated" to meet the ever changing energy of the planet. After you do this a couple of times you will feel when it needs to be done. It is especially helpful after large planetary shifts.

No hanging plants (except when stated above) Here is more: arrange spiky plants with softer plants such as ones with rounder leaves. Spiky plants can be used in the case where you might need energetic protection. Sacred plants are best placed high in a place of honor. (example, a peace lily on a fire place mantel or on the upper shelf of a bookcase)

Open bowls, diagonally placed furniture or decorations trap energy. Fill any decorative bowl (or baskets) with rocks or other items. The woman who did our house filled our bowls with rice and placed incense in them. Put furniture flush against the wall.

Lastly, just walk through you house. Look to see if there are any obvious energy blocks such as too many things in front of windows or furniture too near the entry way to the next room. Feel any "stop" in the flow of energy as you walk from room to room. Using a different perspective, ask what a guest would first see as they walk from room to room. Where do their eyes automatically go. Also note that doorways accumulate energy and it can become stagnant. I have things hanging on most of my doors (still working on it) I love angels, so most of mine are small hanging angels - you can get all kinds in Christmas shops, but I always encourage doing all shopping at free trade stores (another topic)

In no time you can get the feel of this and really enjoy the peacefulness that will follow! We all accumulate clutter, so every once in a while take a look around you and de-clutter.

Please note: this article may appear very strict and dogmatic. I apologize if it does. Take the parts that work for you and disregard the rest. Our lives are meant to be simple - the whole point of this article. Check in with your heart first, always, and always do THAT.

With Love,

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