Indigos in Business

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Long before Indigos realize who they are, they notice that they are different from everyone else. The difference can be experienced in many ways and include difficulty in business and in relationships. Most of the differences result in the feeling of loneliness and frustration. For most of my life I looked at others around me and wondered why I couldn't be like them. Why couldn't I MAKE myself do certain things! People around me seemed to be able to push through the things they didn't want to do without much emotion. Every time I tried to do this, thinking I should be doing something, I would be reduced to a weeping mess and not be able to do that particular thing. I certainly couldn't do business in the same way the business world dictates. When I first started out in business I didn't know the rules so I innocently went about my business, creating with intention, never giving thought to the fact that this wasn't the way the rest of the world did it. When Kevin and I joined businesses, our desire was to build a healing center. That was when the pressure to conform became big. Banks won't provide financing without a business plan and I couldn't bring myself to write a business plan. For many years I moved in and out of the conventional business world but mostly remained outside. Every time I tried to move outside of who I was I became very stressed and just couldn't pull it off. As I became clearer and clearer on who I was, I just stopped trying to fit in and instead followed my heart at each juncture of my life, as best I could (still learning) So while some Indigos can function quite well in the average world, many find it difficult.

Below are some tips that I learned - probably the hard way.

Indigos in Business
Being a part of the business world may be somewhat of a challenge for the sensitive Indigo. In today's world most businesses are based on fear and greed, but that is rapidly changing these days! While an Indigo may find they are initially attracted to the ideal goals of the company, once they get involved they may find these are in fact ideals and not the way the company is actually run. Problems may arise since it is almost certain the Indigo will
begin to point out the inconsistencies of the company. Well-meaning indigo's may bring light to the distortions in the company and anger those who are perpetuating them. Somewhat disillusioned, many Indigo's will seek self-employment where yet another opportunity for growth will be presented. Again, they may be presented with the traditional ways of doing business, such as writing business plans, making projections, etc. While living with clear intention is very important, these pseudo intentions, labeled as goals, can also be fear based and give a false sense of security and control to those writing them. Business plans and goal setting can provide structure for the somewhat flighty Indigo, yet they can also be very limiting to their creative mind and actually get in the way of them moving with the divine flow. If an Indigo does seek self-employment it will usually be in a modality in which there will be some form of artistic expression. Learning to establish a fee structure will be part of this process. Since a barter system of sorts will be one of the many future way’s of doing business, the actual understanding of the concept "an equal exchange of energies" is very important. While the concept that one needs to charge what one’s services are worth is valid, using fee rates as a measure of self worth is a distortion. This ego-based structure is not the way to determine fees. Doing the logical search to see what others in your field are charging and then setting your fees from the purity of your heart at that time (your fees will go probably go up as a natural progression of things) is the optimum way to set a fee structure. This is a place where clarity of heart is most important. If you charge a low fee, feeling that people will not be able to afford your rates, you will automatically be feeding into a distortion, since we all are abundant. At the same time flexibility must be maintained. There will be times that one will meet a person truly in need and in the purity of heart one will meet them, and as a beacon of light and raise them in awareness to the truth of who they are. The other extreme is also a distortion. Charging a fee that is higher than what is comfortable will also result in the practitioner not getting the flow of clients they want. The only way to set fees and work with clients is from the truth of your heart. It is a learning process, so if you are new at business, be gentle with yourself. It is said that if you want to be successful, be in the presence of one who is successful at the thing you are seeking to achieve. So as you are learning, seek the counsel of other like-minded people in your profession. And then check it against the truth of your heart.

Indigos in Relationship
The new energy is certainly about love. Wow, is it great! As we feel this new shift of love flooding into our hearts it can create many challenges. Love is one of the most distorted emotions that we have. We have no clear reference for love unless we tap directly into Source to feel it for ourselves. As this new energy of love become stronger and stronger it is pushing to the surface things that can be confusing. Those not in committed relationships may find themselves confused and lonely as these feelings become strong. Those in committed relationships may feel a restlessness to move to a higher level of consciousness in that relationship. The new earth energy is purely heart energy. We are being asked to acquaint ourselves with our hearts at a whole new level. Every second of our lives, we must be following out hearts rather than our heads. I promise you it will take you down some very unconventional roads. Do not misinterpret your feelings. In order to find the truth and find your life’s purpose you must find it through your heart. So each deciding moment in your life check with your heart and see what it is telling you.

Relationships are the most powerful learning tools that we have, especially parenting. We are forming relationship alliances for a more global purpose. While our individual learning will always be important and necessary, we have a bigger purpose now. It is the awakening of the planet. We will now form relationships to empower this goal. Couple coming together may not necessarily be of the same belief per se, but one may be the power source for the other to accomplish what they need to do. An example of that might be an Indigo "healer" forming an energetic alliance with a wealthy business person in order to fund their "mission". As long as there is mutual respect and agreement, and each is in alignment with their individual roles and are following their own hearts desire, these relationships will work out very well and will actually compliment each other.

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Creating What You Want
The concept that we create our own reality has been around for a long time. It was, at first, an abstract idea at best. Now with the popularity of quantum physics it all becomes really simple. Everything in the world is positive and negative ( basic principals of conductivity). It's as simple as you can get - male and female, yin and yang. Each completing the other, yet never being separate. Each morning we wake up in a state of positive potential, the field of all possibilities. We then attach the negative charge of the creation (intention) to the positive potential (field of possibilities) in order to create. It is my belief that although these ideas my be true on some level, there is much more to life and it’s flow than simply this. It is my belief that each of us is an energetic offering to Source.We do not munipilate our external environment by a mere thought or intention. It is also my belief that life always flows in a positve direction and that goodness is alway the dominant intent of consciousness. There is a flow and grace to life which, if noticed and allowed, will bring us all the places of our deepest desires. All we need do is follow the Source within us ( our hearts) and look for the flow.

So hopefully the above information has been helpful! Learning more about ourselves is important for all of us and each of us has the birthright of living a fulfilling and joyful life. The life mission of Indigos is very specific. We are here to show the world a new and better way. By awakening we are taking an important step in fulfilling that life mission. In the first article of the series, the focus was on understanding and easing the discomforts as the first step to regaining your power. This article helps you understand the way you operate in your world, whether it be business, relationships or just day to day activities. In the next article we will talk about the very common question "Now What?" Stopping at the point of giving ourselves an identity called "Indigo" is hardly the point. Understanding the above information is merely a stepping off place to us moving deeper into ourselves and moving forward with our life mission. So I invite each one of you reading this article to begin the magical journey into discovering who you are and why you are here!

In Light and at your Service,

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