Welcome! Indigo's, Crystal Children, Star Child are names that represent the recognition of a certain group of people. But these people have always been around. If you want to put a label on people, many of the founders of our country would fall into this category, as would (in my opinion) Jesus and other spiritual masters. It took careful consideration on my part as to whether or not to include the indigo series of articles at all. My reason for still including them is to hopefully set your mind at ease, especially if you are experiencing any of the 'symptoms'. Truthfully I was going to leave the whole series out until my own Indigo "symptoms" became so 'in my face'. I understood that to be a gentle internal nudge to include the articles. If you discover, through reading these articles and feeling your own truth, that you resonate with the identity of an Indigo (or whatever name you choose), then good. You have taken a solid step towards calming and settling. 

The purpose of this website is to empower you. The last thing I would ever want to do is to give you yet another identity. Identities are only meaningful if they give you enough understanding of yourself that you are soothed and able to drop the identity and become who you truly are. Otherwise identities become prisons. It is freedom that we are all seeking. Maybe freedom from different things, freedom from pain, illness, emotional disturbances, but nevertheless it is all the same thing. So as you read, feel the words in your heart and if the articles resonate there, than I have accomplished my desire. Take the understanding and the feeling and let the label go. Please understand that none of these words mean anything unless they guide you back to your Self. It is simply my desire that some of these words in some of these articles become a beacon of light, guiding you back to your Self. There you will be free to follow your heart wherever it may lead you, with no concern but to peacefully follow the flow of life. That flow, your love, your heart, your spirit, will take you to places that you could never imagine. Enjoy the ride - bumps are included without a charge. Think about that phrase for a moment...


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