Life Lessons from Yoga

I do yoga every weekday morning before breakfast. Weekends are hit and miss during the summer because I can do all kinds of yoga poses just trying to get to the weeds that are on a steep hill on the side of my house WHEW! I often wonder what the neighbors think when they see me in these really weird positions as I weed and reach for those impossible places. Anyway, I digress.... One morning as I was getting ready to practice, I was feeling a little bored with the whole thing. So I called in the energies of all the ancients of yoga to teach me what all this might mean in relationship to how we live our day to day lives. I get the flow thing but I wanted more... So here is some of what I got (didn't have a chance to write it down until later that afternoon). My spirit remembers but here is what my head remembers:

The thing that struck me the most was gentle. The message was very clear. Stop trying so hard. No need to push the river. Most of all be gentle with yourself at all times and in all situations.

Yoga is the human non-verbal expression of the Divine. Yoga show us how to live divinely in human form, not as a way to escape the human experience, but as a way to flow with it.

Yoga teaches us that through gentleness in all matters the "impossible" can be obtained through practice and deep relaxation. (Yogi's defy physical law all the time)

Yoga teaches us to stretch but not to the point of pain. Yoga teaches us that pain is not the fastest, easiest, or at all necessary in order to get what you are wanting, no matter what it is. Yoga teaches that the more we relax the further we can stretch. Trusting really goes a long way in our journey through life. With this gentle, relaxed attention to the flow of life we can achieve things that we had never even thought of just by stepping into the flow.

Yoga teaches us to take in the fullness of life as we breath in but to also give back as we exhale. It is my belief that we have joined together in this life experience to give to each other from the depths of our being. Showing our gratitude by giving back, in any way that feels right to the individual, is what it is all about for me.

Yoga teaches us to greet each day as new and that each one of these new days is sacred. ( Sun Salutation)

Yoga teaches us that bending and flexing will bring about surprising results. It's back to the flow of life. Definitely not a straight unbendable line, that's for sure. Remaining rigid and unbending may take the adventure out of life, to say nothing of the potential for discomfort.

Yoga teaches us to stand strong and balanced from a place of true centeredness. As we practice, it will become easier and easier to remain in this gentle, centered, flowing place in life. We will not be easily knocked over by life’s many twists and turns.

Yoga teaches us not to be worried about what others may think of us, even if some of our behavior may be viewed by others as odd. Doing things that are considered weird and bizarre will often get you exactly what you are wanting. (I mean really, look at some of those poses, and there is depth and meaning to each of them)

Yoga teaches us that balance may not be as out of reach as we think. Look at some of the easy balancing poses that are done on one leg and can be and quickly learned.

Yoga teaches us that life is a dance. Move and flow with it. Let it take you into strange poses/places/states of being.

Yoga teaches is that we won't get it perfect on the first or even the hundredth try or really ever. But it does give us as opportunity to notice the improvements and a deepening of our quality of life along the way. It gives us an opportunity to enjoy the first try and to enjoying the trying which is not trying at all but just flowing and allowing. It also teaches us to observe the changes along the way.

Yoga teaches us to observe and go within. It teaches us that the more we relax, the deeper we will move into the true meaning of life for ourselves.

Yoga teaches us to walk gently on the earth, to move gently and intentionally throughout our day, to deal gently with all those with whom we may come in contact, and most importantly to deal gently with ourselves.

Yoga teaches us to always reach towards the sky, but to make sure we are firmly grounded.

Mountains and clouds
My time with the masters was wonderful. Every pose was filled with so much information. It was so fun! I think that if we all paid attention to what yoga is saying as we watch how our bodies move, we will have so many of life's questions answered. And another benefit is good health!

So if you aren't practicing yoga but the idea sounds appealing to you, I invite you to give it a try. And when you do, look deeply into what you and your body are doing. Most of all have fun!


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