The Unveiling - Are You an Indigo?

Many websites explain Indigo attributes, and it is relatively easy to find information on Indigos information However, this article addresses the common "discomforts" that are associated with Indigo development and provides some of the reasons behind these discomforts. This article is derived from the observations that I have personally experienced and traits that have come to my attention as I have actively participated in Indigo awakenings. I have experienced all of these discomforts myself in my own journey, so take heart, the truth behind the discomforts will reveal itself!

During the past several years, I have had the wonderful privilege of meeting many Indigo Adults. Although all of them recognized that they were "different", none of them, however, had recognized themselves as "Indigo" during our first conversation. Nevertheless, Indigos are good at feeling the truth with their hearts, and as I spoke with them they realized that what I was saying about them was true.

Before they become aware of whom they are, Indigo Adults tend to struggle with a very common group of discomforts. The group I have listed below contains discomforts that I address in nearly 100% of the Adult Indigos that I meet. This list is also intended to help the "awakening Indigo" connect the dots. (At this time, please take note that the Indigo movement is a spiritual movement, so nothing I mention below is meant to replace medical care, but instead is intended to help the reader to become aware that there are options out there for them.)

So read on and see if this sounds like you! If it does, welcome to whom you are and the exciting journey of awakening that you are about to begin!

As I list the discomforts, please make note of the REASONS. This will be a very important tool for you, and will make the "waking up process" a lot more comfortable.

Emotional instability: Almost every Indigo I meet struggles with this at some level. Many are, or have been, substance abusers of some sort. Others take medications such as anti-depressants and tranquilizers to help them function or to "dull the pain."

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Reason: Indigo's are hypersensitive. They feel everything. They feel all of the energy around them whether it is people, books, pictures, neighbors, EMF waves - everything. This is one of their gifts, and at the beginning, one of their greatest challenges. It is through the heart that great things are created, and this sensitivity will become Indigos' greatest skill as they awaken.

Feeling Overwhelmed: This is another very common challenge that I see fairly often. This is especially common in children. This particular discomfort can have both physical and emotional aspects to it. This discomfort also very often results in the adult or child being medicated and labeled as "hyper." Both children and adults with these feelings will find themselves crying and just "not being able to handle" the task at hand.

Reason: The reasons for this are the same as the reasons above. But, let's explore this a bit further. Because Indigo's can feel everything, their surroundings must be kept simple and free of clutter. (For more information, please see my article on The Indigo Home) Often, Indigos are overwhelmed by too much information. Let’s take the example of a classroom setting. On the way to school, the Indigo has felt everything such as the energy of all the children on the school bus and that of the driver. Not knowing how to "clear" the energy, the Indigo will then enter a classroom in which they feel all the energy of the others in the room. In addition, the energy of all the information being "taught" to them makes them "energetically overwhelmed." Result: an individual who can't handle any more information or energy.

Anger/Rage: This is a big one. Indigos have a temper and can become angry for no apparent reason. Some even exhibit symptoms of violence. This is one of those "bingos" that I get when I am talking to a person and feeling out how I can best serve them. If they have some of the above discomforts and they are angry, I say, "Bingo, I do believe we have an Indigo here!"

Reason: There are many reasons for the anger. The main two reasons are Indigo's will not be controlled (although many people will try!!) and they will feel a misalignment between the words spoken and energy behind the words. They will throw it back at you so fast it will make your head spin. Indigo's will not tolerate being lied to. They will feel the lie and react to it.

Intolerance: Indigos will often be intolerant of weakness, fear and sometimes, people in general.

Reason: Indigos cannot tolerate weakness in others because they inherently know that the person is being less than who they are. A person who is not living "true to their self" is something Indigos do not understand, and thereby, do not likely tolerate. Indigos sense this "weakness" immediately and will either attempt to help (put a healing hand on another child with a pain) or they will respond in anger and "challenge" the person in hopes that the person will rise up to the occasion and become strong. Indigo children will often react to fear with disdain since they understand love so clearly. Indigos understand what is true (love, peace, harmony, etc.) and expect that others know the same.

Royalty: Indigo's definitely know they are royalty, and act as if the whole world should know this also. This is more predominant in the younger Indigos and especially in today's teenagers, but "royalty" is still evident, to some extent, in all Indigos.

Reason: They are royalty. We all are royalty. Younger Indigos simply remember their value (perceived as "royalty") more clearly than others. Most adults that have not arrived in a place of spiritual awareness, have forgotten that they are wonderful spiritual beings having a human experience. The manipulation that parents and teachers, for example, use to control behavior or get the results they want, usually does not work successfully on Indigos. It never occurs to an Indigo that the world does not revolve around them because they have a built-in understanding that it does, that they are constantly creating their reality. On some very powerful level, they understand this power to create and they do it so naturally that they may not be consciously aware of what they are doing. This also references their built-in sense of self that we identify in Indigos. Yet, they themselves sometimes can misdiagnose who they are without proper attunement to their spiritual biology. Because the illusion of time and space doesn't exist for many of the younger Indigos, they will not understand the concept that something "can not be done" because, to them, everything is possible. They are confused why adults (who are supposed to be older and wiser) can’t make everything happen. At the same time, they understand that their parents aren't always wiser and will often teach their parents things with great exasperation- "Duh! Don't you understand anything Mommy?"

Over-Active Mind: This ties in with many of the above discomforts. Indigos can have great difficulty in focusing and remaining interested in things. They can become bored quite easily and have a sense of urgency quickly wanting to move on to the next thing. They will probably at some time or another, have difficulty sleeping

Reason: Indigos are receiving a lot of information all the time. Tuned into cosmic consciousness much more than others, their brains are receiving a lot of information. Until the Indigo finds a way to express this information, they will appear unfocused and bored. As the younger Indigos come in at a higher vibration, we are seeing amazing gifts in the Indigo/Crystal children such as art, music, and poetry.

What to do with all this information? Stay tuned. This article is the first in a short series designed to first give the emerging Indigos the understanding of who they are and then tools in which they can use in order to move into their place in this exciting journey. One thing that is helpful is to develop the skill of being able to hold your own space. An article on that subject will be coming soon, so check back!

At your service,

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