What to Expect in the Healing Process

It is my belief that if we truly understand how the healing process works, we will be able to relax with the process and heal at a deeper level. The purpose of this short article is to briefly explain what to expect when you begin to work with me, as your guide, along your journey towards a more healthful life.

In my work with clients, the key most important element is relationship and commitment. I tell my clients that healing is 80% relationship and 20% actual remedies used. This may sound strange, but it is true. If we trust the person we are working with, then that trust will give us the support (even on a deep cellular level) that our bodies need in order to be able to re-balance themselves. In my years of practice, I have seen the greatest shift towards health in people who understand this. If you should choose me as your guide to help with your health goals, my job will be to present to you a path of healing in such a way that you feel empowered and excited that you are on your way to achieving what you are desiring. It will also be my job to be there for you in times of confusion, which is not an uncommon occurrence.

Communication between us is vital. While it is my goal to educate my clients as to how the healing process works, some may not understand. Should a "symptom" come up, they may assume that they are sick and should stop the protocol until they feel better or they may assume that the protocol has made them sick so they should stop the protocol. In my opinion (unless there is a medical reason) in either of these two scenarios, I have not effectively communicated the healing process to my client.

Most people I work with have imbalances that have taken a long time to manifest. The body, in order to remain as balanced as it can, eventually will store the source(s) of these imbalances and in essence forget them for as long as it can. It would be unrealistic to think that one protocol used for one month is going to rebalance years of imbalance. Again most people didn't realize what their body had been trying to do all those years in order to regain balance. Here is a simple example of what I am talking about. We get a cold, and instead of taking time to rest and heal, we reach for the over the counter medications so we can get right back to work. This would be an example of a suppression of the bodies attempt to rid itself of something. The more we do this, the deeper the imbalance becomes embedded in our cells. Years of this will lead to larger imbalances. We all have done it, and there are times that it is actually necessary to do these things. But it would be helpful for us to recognize that if our body is trying to do something (a cold, fever, and within reason, diarrhea) that it would be most helpful to support the body in such a way that it can move through the process that it needs to in order to regain balance. Using apple pectin and some probiotics in the average case of diarrhea, for example, would be a supportive rather than suppressive way to help the body regain balance. As much as possible supporting the body as it's doing what it needs to do is the best way to ensure health.

So let's look at an example:
Mrs. Smith comes to me with a complaint that she has been told she has to live with, or that she thinks is hereditary, so it is inevitable that she will have it. In order for her to regain balance, she and I need to wake up the body and allow it to recognize that toxin (whatever it may be; something actually physical or merely a habit of thinking). We begin this process by first supporting the body using a pre-cleanse so all the bodies systems of elimination are working and supported. We do this in a very gentle way. Throwing the body out of balance to achieve balance, by using extreme methods of detoxification, makes no sense to us. It is my belief that this pre-cleanse approach is essential. This helps ensure that the body doesn't merely move a toxin from one place to another, something that happens often in aggressive cleansing, but rather eliminates it. When we know that the body is properly supported, we can begin the process of removing the toxin and restoring and nourishing the tissues and cells back to balance.

Please understand that this process takes time. It takes commitment on your part to walk the path. You will run into stumbling blocks. There may be times that you just feel like giving up, and these are usually the times that you are closest to the cause and closer to your goal than you may think. These are the times that keeping in communication with me will serve you well. Again, it is my job to empower you to the best of my ability. It is my job to educate you as to how the healing process works so you will not become confused or frightened. So if you have decided to embark on this journey, commit to having a relationship with me. Call or email me weekly. If you feel like giving up because you aren't "getting there" as fast as you would like, call me and I will encourage you and help you understand what is happening. I will never try to talk you into something you don't want to do. I very much honor that this is your process and that it is not about me. I will not project expectations on you. I will support you. But if you have told me that you want to re-balance a situation, and you haven't changed your mind about it, I will do my best to encourage you to stay the course and for you to understand that I am here as your guide through the journey, open and available to you when you need me.

At your service,

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